About the linen

A linen fabric will always fit in. It can express character or be a small detail but it will always give a feeling of an active choice. Why not change the room with some new cushion holders, use the towels in the kitchen or in the bathroom? Try the kettle-holders wadded with a heat resistant material and enjoy seeing the linen ageing with patina!

The history of the unique, french Kelsch fabrics goes several hundred years back. We work in cooperation with a French company which weave the fabrics with traditional patterns and on the basis of their deep knowledge, choose flax of a high quality. It´s a knowledge acquired from long experience of and interest in these materials. The flax comes from northern France and it´s processed in the south of France. The products are sewn in Alingsås, Sweden because we want to ensure that the quality always meets the high standards that we insist upon.

We offer many different colours and the width is either 150 cm or 180 cm. We also sell the fabrics by the metre.
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